Hardware And Networking Course in Hyderabad

Hardware And Networking Course in Hyderabad:
The importance of computer usage is far-reaching nowadays, therefore; the rise of hardware professionals cannot be missed. If you want to be a part of this team now and earn some good salary, at the end of every month, wait no further and get in touch with our online hardware and networking course in Hyderabad, from RCP Technologies. We are not just offering some important courses, but would like to provide those courses for licensed professionals only. No matter whatever you are looking for, we have the right courses, placed under different modules.

Objective of our course:
Our reliable best institute for hardware and networking course in Hyderabad aims to acquire some advanced skills set in the field of networking and hardworking computer strategies. These are meant solely for network administration and management. The primary goal is to install and at the same time troubleshoot the advanced sesame and server’s software. We would also like to focus towards administration software and information security, as other two major modules, for our aspiring students.
After completion of our courses from computer hardware training institutes in Hyderabad, a candidate can work in configuring, managing, installing and at the same time, troubleshooting different forms of networking and hardware resources. As the courses are available online, therefore; students have the liberty to learn more about networking and hardware areas, within a jiffy now.

Get to know more about our courses:
Depending on the flexible needs of customers, we would like to divide our hardware and networking courses under different modules. We are now stated as best hardware and networking institute in Hyderabad, thanks to our valuable courses, by trained professionals.

Module 1 or Visible PC:
• Introductory note to our computer
• PC components
• Proficient use of personal computer, which comes with introduction to PC key function
• Various types of peripheral devices, like keyword, mouse, VGA, microphones and web digitalized cameras, cables and I/O ports
• Parallel, USB, Serial and IEEE 1394, RJ11 and RJ45, midi ports, PS2 or Mini Din and Coaxial, SPD1F

Module 2 or Mother Board courses:
• Introduction to the architecture of Mother Board
• Layouts of some System Clock, Mother Board, Bus speed and Bus architecture
• Form factor associated with Mother Board, like NLX, ATX, BTX, Socket types, Power Supply and more
• Mother Board Components like adapter cards and external bus

Module 3 or processor knowledge:
• Internal parts and terminology of processor
• Terminology of reliable processor chipset and socket types, with LGA or PGA
• Proper identification of CPU buses, like Data bus, system bus, Register Size and Address Bus
• Ways in which, CPU works
• Manufacturers of CPU and some important terminologies

Module 4 or expansion slots:
• Introductory note to expansion slots
• Ways to install various types of cards
• Multiple types as related to expansion slots, like PCI, ISA, PCIE, AGP, CNR and AMR
• Ways in which, expansion slots work

Module 5 or memory slot:
• Introductory notes to both ROM and RAM
• Various types of RAMs like SRAM, DR AM, RDRAM, SDRAM, DDR, DDR3 and DDR2
• Ways to install and work with the memory slots

Module 6 or storage devices:
• Proper implementation of HardDisk
• Internal parts associated with this product
• Types of this module and cables
• Characteristics associated with storage devices, like HDD, FDD, DriveSpeed, Media types and more

Module 7 or operating system:
This list is considered to be a big one, when compared with reliable hardware and networking coaching centers in Hyderabad, like us. We are happy to help you!
• Overview of the OS platform
• Various types and features associated with various forms of OS
• Minimum requirement associated with proper OS installation
• Installing OS platform and OS interface, like control panel, windows explorer, command prompt, task bar, my network places and more
• Identify OS file boots and managing and creating operating system
• Managing and Creating File Systems
• Installation of OS platform and upgrade of OS hardware and application and with perfect backup plan
• Installation of device drivers configurations and additional of device drivers
• OS utility defrag, and with NT backup, utilities defrag and CHKdesk

Module 8 or printers and scanners:
• Technologies associated with inkjet printers, laser printers, impact printer and thermal printers
• Installation of printer and perfect interface of serial and parallel USB strategy

Module 9 or troubleshooting:
• Performing backups with hardware and networking training institute in Hyderabad
• Recognizing any issue with power, display, devices, input, memory post errors and storage
• Proper determination of hardware and software problems
 Resolving display related problems, hanging problems, restarting of your system and BIOS password
• Recover OS platform and operating system files

Module 10 or networking:
• Introduction to networking and basic networking concept
• Disadvantages and advantages of network
• Function of some common network protocols
• Commonly used UDP and TCP default ports
• Classes and types of IP address

Module 11 or N/W media technicalities:
• Standard form of cables types, with coaxial, STP, UTP and fiber optic cables
• Crimping RJ45 and common source of physical networking technologies
• Logical and physical topologies and OSI reference model
• Configuration and installation of LAN Card, hub, switch, router, repeater and bridge
• More about OSI reference model
• Ways to discuss more internet and ways in which it works

Free study materials for you:
Once you have joined hands with us, as one of the best hardware and networking training institutes in Hyderabad, we are all set to offer our aspiring students with some amazing study materials, absolutely free of cost! All you need to do is join us for the selected course and package, and you are free from paying any extra money. We would always like to get in touch with our aspiring students first and get in touch with their valuable time schedule and study materials that they want from us.

Reasons to choose us:
We would like to offer you with 100% satisfactory notes with our courses. Our company’s name is associated with Industry leaders and all our professionals are well-trained in this segment. Contact us immediately, and we would like to help you to choose the right module, for your use. Within 30 days, you will become a superior name in the networking and hardware field, and engage in a proficient career, later.