Mobile Repair Course Content

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Mobile Repair Course & Hardware Course Content

Mobile & Hardware Package Includes

The hardware includes the make of the instrument and its parts. Some times we replace parts, and sometimes we repair them. The quality of the device always depends on the quality of the parts within; the hardware is three types : (i) Theory (ii) Practicals (iii) practice

Theory: we have experienced faculty who will teach you about the theoretical aspects of the Mobile  Hardware. The teaching is done in Telugu, English & Hindi languages

Practicals: experienced faculty will give you live practical training. They will help you learn art practically. The students are allowed to stay for extra time to complete their practical courses.

Practice: for any technical training is very important. The students here are given models of instruments for their practice. Here also extra time is given to practice and hone their talents.

  • Introduction of cell phone
  • GSM
  • CDMA
  • ISDN
  • Wire Communication, Wireless Communication System
  • Important Section of Cell Phone
  • Transmission Section
  • Receiving Section
  • Control Section
  • List of parts used in cell phone
  • MotherBoard Tracing
  • Types of Batteries used in Cell phone
  • CUP & CPU Connector
  • Basic Electronics
  • Voltage, Transformer, Capacitor, Diodes, Transistors…etc.
  • Components Identification
  • Circuit Tracing Chip Level
  • Cell Phone Demodulating
  • Problem Identification
  • Problem Rectification
  • Continuity Checking
  • Voltage Testing
  • Parts Checking
  • Trouble Shooting
  • Red bowling of IC’s
  • Removing of IC’s
  • Replacement of IC’s 

Mobile Repair Course & Software Course Content

Mobile & Software Package Includes

The software is connecting the instrument to the system through cables. This the problems have rectified the problems such as 1. Flashing 2. Unlocking

  1. Contact service
  2. Security code
  3. Network 6. Set dead
  4. White display
  5. IME code problems
  6. Unlocking mobiles, which are from abroad.
  7. Our faculty members are thoroughly trained in theoretical and practical aspects of mobile repair technology for years they have been in the same field. Are capable of updating you in this field. The interesting aspect is that they are always ready to guide you even after you complete the course here; generally, our students are thoroughly trained. Hence they do not get any doubts. But in case if someone forgets anything, our faculty is always there at a phone call distance. So, should you require any Suggestion even after completion of the course we are here to guide you all the way?
  8. Certification
  9. We issue a stamped certificate after completion of the course. Our certificate has potation in the market. Hence that will help you to get a good job anywhere.
  10. Since our institution is very famous many of the centers are asking to send good Mobile repair technicians. In our advertisements also mention that we supply technicians. As an if you performance is upto the make we will be in a position to recommend your name information is power. We have enough information about opportunities around. This information is given to only our students. So they are at an advantageous position as far as the job opportunities are canceled.
  11. Computer basics
  12. DCT3, DCT4 Application Software
  13. Flashing Software Installation
  14. Unlocking Usage of Blue Tooth
  15. Network Usage of Card Reader
  16. Security Code System Downloading of Images,
  17. IMEI Numbering Ring tones, Wall Papers
  18. Phone Lock Mp3 Songs, Video Songs
  19. Insert SIM Card Movie Clips
  20. Set Dead Themes etc.
  21. White Display
  22. Set Hang
  23. Set Blinking
  24. Low Battery
  25. Net Version Loading
  26. Sim Card not Accepted